Welcome to VIBRANT Entertainment & Arts, Seattle’s ONLY full color, glossy paper magazine completely dedicated to shining a light on all things artistic in the Greater Seattle area.

VIBRANT Entertainment & Arts is a 48-page full-color magazine made available to over 100 outdoor newspaper boxes and hundreds of restaurants and small businesses throughout Seattle, with every issue reaching nearly 90K individual readers.

We are published by Unified Outreach Charitable Services as part of the art apprenticeship program. VIBRANT workreadiness-in-media is an employment preparedness program for young adults ages 13-17 and 18-24. This program actively recruits ESL, at-risk, and special needs youth from underserved communities in Seattle; as well as providing diversion program opportunities for youth involved in the court system. Historically, each cohort is 85-90% identifying as BIPOC, 40-50% identifying as female.

Students learn to build resumes and investigate networking opportunities, education, and career tracks. The program focuses on the planning, production, and distribution of VIBRANT Entertainment & Arts Magazine, Seattle’s ONLY full-color, glossy paper magazine provided free to readers in the greater Seattle area. Students train in areas of short story writing, interviews, photography, illustrations, page layout, marketing, and more. Additionally, this training provides industry-level experience in the field of art media management, including artist representation, contracts, and how to write and distribute press releases. VIBRANT Entertainment & Arts Magazine welcomes community partners and support in the form of content creation, advertising, and donations. To find out more about Unified Outreach, please visit