TOBY MAC – Elements of a Hit Show!

“Let’s go see Toby Mac!”

My ultra-cool and always encouraging sister called me, excited to share the news that Toby Mac was coming to the ShoWare Center in Kent.

The two of us have been fans from way back, when Toby belonged to the Christian rock-fusion group, DC Talk. There was a time that you could find a copy of “Jesus Freak” in just about every vehicle the family owned.

But my response to attending a live concert? Yeeeaaah, I don’t know. The last concert I attended was the Beastie Boys/Fishbone at the Paramount in Seattle.

When she told me that she was going to take the kids to see him, I was a little more onboard. “They are big fans,” she said. “They know the words to all of his songs!”

Hmmm. As the “cool” uncle, I thought they might need me there to help get the party started. Reluctantly, I agreed to go.

I am so glad I did. The concert was phenomenal!

First let me say that I was blown away by the “new” Toby Mac sound. He’s traded in the Red Hot Chili Papals riffs for a more smoothed out, Funk and R&B groove reminiscent of Justin Timberlake, Harry Styles, or Musiq Soulchild; and the production quality is top notch.

The show itself was incredible. Surprisingly, there was no down-time, no long pauses, no checking my phone while waiting for a “song I like”. From the opening act until the closing number I was into it. The positive vibe was contagious, and seeing my nieces in full fan-mode was awesome.

Part of the enjoyment was the quality performances by the supporting acts, who did a great job of transitioning from group to group without delay.

Thanks sis for reintroducing me to an old friend!

I instantly became a new fan of artists that I had never heard of before, including We Are Messengers, Ryan Stevenson, Aaron Cole, and Cochren & Co., and my newly discovered favorite, Jordan Feliz.

Toby Mac was so fresh. A great showman who interacts with the crowd like no one I’ve ever seen. His back-up band, Diversecity, were with him 100% of the way, onstage having a great time and pouring every bit of energy into giving the show of a lifetime.

As previously mentioned, Toby’s new catalog is outstanding, bringing an eclectic collection of music that ranges from the energizing Edge of My Seat, to the honest and empathic ballad Scars Come with Living.

The high point of the evening was when Toby Mac walked down the raised center-isle, dropped to his back and snapped selfies with the members from the audience. What an incredible thing to do, and what a great memory for those kids close enough to be in frame.

With passion like this, it’s not surprising that Toby Mac has won seven Grammy Awards and sold more than 10 million albums. 10 million + one if you count the copy I picked up after the show.

What a great night of fun with the family! I left the concert with a new appreciation for my old favorite. When he returns to Seattle, I’ll be first in line to buy tickets.

Thanks sis for reintroducing me to an old friend!

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