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Coming out of West Seattle’s Mode Music Studios is a young and upcoming group worth checking out. The indie-band “THEM” is a throwback to the garage bands of older days, when best friends would come together just to
hang out, jam, and produce great passion-filled music. According to Alexa Peters, writing for AudioFemme, THEM is named for the first letter of each multi-instrumentalist member’s name: Which includes 16 year old Thompson, 16 year old Hudson, 19 year old Ellie, and 19 year old Maia.
Bad4U” is the first single off their upcoming album, set to be released in 2022. It’s a song that we can all identify with; the story of teen angst and bad decisions, the bitter-sweet trials of growing up.

The band has received great support and attention stretching beyond the NorthWest. Their debut song, Bad4You, was released earlier this year and quickly caught the eye of “America’s Got Talent” producers, but the day before they were due to fly out, the show was canceled due to Covid-19 concerns.


The group is also taking steps to learn the business-side of the music industry; with Ellie handling media and marketing, and attending business school with a focus on entertainment law and contracts. Their skills
are being further developed by Ellie assisting with media account for other local bands, such as the wildly popular Naked Giants, as well as the Seattle stand-out group, the Black Tones.

Ellie says that “there’s a new “Seattle sound” bubbling up among the next generation of artists. We agree and can’t wait to hear more from this group and their peers. Find Bad4You on YouTube and Spotify.

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