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In 2005 “So You Think You Can Dance” debuted its televised dance competition. The show saw immediate success and has continued to garner strong tv ratings thanks to great dance contestants and the hosting talent of longtime United Kingdom actress and model Cat Deeley. This past December Seattle was treated to a performance by the 2018 contest winners along with additional dance groups and individual artists.


Each season of So You Think You Can Dance starts off with nerve-racking regional auditions, with the top 20 dance contestants going to Hollywood. Week after week contestants perform group, solo, and duet routines with other contests until a final winner is chosen, winning a $250,000 cash prize. But the show doesn’t end there, now comes the tour!


At the end of each season the top ten dancers are offered spots on a nationwide tour lasting several months with dancers performing hit routines from their recently finished season. Which brings us to the December 7th performance at the Paramount Theater in Seattle.


The show was hosted by season 7 winner Lauren Froderman, along with season 9 runner-up Cyrus Spencer who also joined the dancers on stage in live energetic dance routines. Directing was done by Emmy winning artist Raj Kapoor. Lights, camera, action ~ as Seattle was treated to top 10 finalists Cole Mills, Darius Hickman, Jensen Arnold, Chelsea Hough, Slavik Pustovoytov, Hanalei Cabanilla, Magdalena Fialek, Genessy Castillo, Jay Jay Dxonbey, and Evan DeBenedetto. Each of these artists brought incredible range and diversity to the stage with dance routines that included Ballroom, Hip-Hop, Salsa, Jazz, Bohemian, Bolero, African, and more.


The props that were incorporated into the routines were as equally impressive, starting with box carrying deliver persons who split into a hip-hop pop-locking routine zipping across the stage and ending up on top of a pyramid of perfectly stacked boxes. That routine was immediately followed by an all-Ladies “Don’t Kill my Vibe Don’t Touch my Weave” performance which was a duet from the original show.


My favorite overall was the kitchen routine where the pans, utensils, and salt & pepper shakers were included. You would have had to see it live to appreciate all the hard work and effort that was produced out of each original routine. You defiantly can tell the areas where each dancer added their own creative niche as those spots seemed to really grab hold and not let go, as the crowd would scream louder and louder with excitement. The formations were dynamic! From song to song nothing ever seemed out of place.


Seeing So You Think You Can Dance has given me a new appreciation of the television show. I can’t wait for its return in 2019 and hopefully a return to Seattle at the end of the year.

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