SHAFT (Movie Review)


I had the privilege of going to the Pacific Place 11 Theater to catch an early screening of Tim Story’s new film Shaft. In this 2019 release, acting phenom Samuel L. Jackson reprises the roll of private-eye John Shaft II, who he first played in the 2000 movie of the same name.

Joining Jackson onscreen is Jessie Usher and Regina Hall, whose performances are sure to score very high box-office movie ratings. Joining Jackson as the only other actor from the original movie is the legendary Richard Roundtree, who played the uncle of John Shaft in the first film, but now plays the role of his father. The 2000 version of Shaft was heavy in action/drama, which differs from the newest installment that has added a lot of comedy, landing into the action/adventure and comedy category.

In my opinion this movie was hilarious! John Davis, Kenya Barris, and Tim Story did an excellent job of directing and producing this movie in a way that adult audiences can enjoy. This is due to the fact that the movie includes many overtly sexual jokes and adult language, a few things Jackson fans have come to expect in his performances. In the movie, Samuel L. Jackson is the original “Bad A_ _ Shaft” that everyone knows and no one wants a problem with. His son, John Shaft III (Jessie Usher) finds himself calling for his estranged fathers help after he finds out that his best childhood friend has been found dead. Although he is a newly hired FBI analyst, Shaft Jr. (Jessie Usher) takes the matter of his best friend’s death into his own hands, and instead of calling on the bureau to help solve what he thinks was a strategically planned murder, he solicits the help of the greatest investigator he has ever known, his dad.

Often times movie remakes and/or sequels are hard to watch after seeing the original, but for this Shaft remake, I don’t think that this will be the case. All the jokes and action shots that were meticulously planned and spread throughout the entire movie which made the film exciting and easy to watch, without many slow scenes making you wait for something exciting to happen. There are a lot of gunfights, fast driving, slick talking and humor to keep your eyes peeled to the screen for the entire 111 minutes.

On my movie ranking scale, I would give this movie 5/5 stars and even go as far as to say that it is one of the best films I’ve seen this year ~ ranking higher than many of the highly anticipated and heavily marketed films released earlier this year. Every time a joke was made, the entire theater would rumble and erupt with laughter which I don’t think anyone was expecting. The reactions of the audience added to the experience of seeing it in the theater rather than waiting for the movie to release on Blu-Ray or any streaming services.

If you are in need of a good laugh or a night out, I would definitely recommend grabbing a group of friends and a large bag of popcorn to watch it on the big screen.

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