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Welcome back fans, friends, and family! I’m so excited to get back to you this month, and to share some exciting new product reviews. Before we get started, I want to say I am humbled that you take the time to read my page. I really appreciate you!

Let’s start by discussing a couple of products I did a review on recently. Remember! If you have a product you would like me to review, reach out to
me at

This month, a mother & daughter team sent me makeup products from their independently-owned company called Beat Snap Fierce (Facebook/Beat-SnapFierce).


Q) What did I like about the makeup and eyelashes they sent me?
A) I received two different styles of lip gloss, and I liked both. They are light and pretty on my lips, and it lasted for a few hours. One of them had a hint of shimmery teal color to it, which I do not see that too often. It looked great on my lips and I’m very happy they sent it to me. There was also foundation that I tried on. To be honest, it was a little heavy for me, but it went on
smooth and blended nicely. On the good side, it did provide excellent cover-up for any blotches I had. Also, there was some shimmery off-white eye powder that I used around my eyes, and was extremely cute.

Last was the false lashes. Unfortunately, I did not care for them too much, because they require glue. Then when I was ready to remove the falsies, my real eyelash came off with it, and I need my lashes! In fairness, I have not found any glue-on lashes that I like. So your experience with the Beat Snap Fierce brand might be quite positive. The product line as a whole is very well put together and of very high quality. However, I do prefer the magnetic eyelashes, because after you apply the magnetic liner to
your eye, you just place the lashes on and go. Then when you
are ready remove them, they come off without taking your real
lashes too. I love that!
Sending LOVE your way, Beat Snap Fierce!!!

MOVING ON… Here are a few things that readers have inquired about.

Q) Is Brow-Lamination worth it?
A) I think it is. I absolutely love it, and I believe it is the best
thing to do for you eyebrows. I had mine done recently and
can say that it is the best my eyebrows have looked in years.

Q) Who is your favorite designer at the moment?
A) I still love my Versace! I am keeping my ear to the streets
and people are talking. Some say Versace is outdated, but
I do not think so. Versace~ wake up! Send me some items!
I will do a review on them and get you back in the people’s
good graces. XOXO

Q) How can I stop my hair from thinning?
A) I am trying Viviscal, and if that does not work, I will try this
other product I hear is supposed to work called Nutrafol. I
have noticed a couple of strands of hair on my shoulder that
shouldn’t be there, so I am getting started now. I believe if
you see something that was not there before you need to pay
attention to your body and do something about it. I’ll keep you
posted about my experience with Viviscal.

Q) How can I lose stubborn belly fat?
A) For years I’ve used this method; mix a teaspoon of baking soda with warm water in one cup and drink it every day for the next 3 months. Let me know if you see a difference!
Q) Where should I ask my man to take me for our anniversary dinner?
A) If you enjoy a good steak then I would say Metropolitan Grill. The Hokkaido Filet is wonderful. You’ll love the atmosphere and leave totally satisfied. Don’t stop at dinner though, if it’s a special occasion be sure that you make it a night to remember. Consider dinner cruises, carriage rides,
Seattle Center glass museum, or other activities to celebrate the night.

Q) Do you binge any tv shows? What drama or suspense shows are good?
A) I prefer action shows, like Into the Badlands. But occasionally I’ll follow a good suspense or drama series. Over the past couple of years, I’ve binged Game of Thrones, Billions, and Fargo.
Q) My boyfriend’s feet always stink. Is there something I can do?
A) Tell him to wash his feet! Also throw out any old shoes that may have water damage. That can also be the cause. Time for his favorite sneakers to go in the garbage (or on Ebay if they’ have any value to collectors).
Q) One of my co-workers is always talking on the phone to her husband when she should be working. Some days I feel like saying something or reporting her. Am I being petty? We’re paid to work, right?
A) I 100% value professionalism in the workplace. However, I also believe in minding my own business. If it bothers you, it probably bothers others around you. I’ll bet that sooner or later the supervisor will get involved. Let them handle it so that you don’t burn any bridges. Focus on you and let others handle the dirty work. Be a light in the office. Shine girl, shine!
Q) You have beautiful hair, what products do you use?
A) Thank you for the compliment! I do a deep condition every two weeks with a olive-oil based hair oil. I’ll try to work in some hair care advice in upcoming articles.
Q) Hello Sevrign, you are very beautiful. Can you tell
me what type of cologne you like to smell on a man? I’m
trying to up my game.

A) Thank you for the nice words. I really don’t like sweet smelling cologne on men. Think about picking up something with a woody or a fresh fragrance, depending on your style. Some brands I like are Dolce and Gabbana “The One” and Gucci “Guilty”.

Thank you all for taking the time to write to me. Your support
means a lot to me. Keep the letters coming and I’ll do my best
to get them into the magazine. God bless you!

~ Sevrign


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