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Gerald Nielsen grew up in North Seattle, attended Haller Lake Elementary, RH Thompson Middle-School, and graduated Ingraham High. He remembers the childhood wonders of Playland Amusement Park and Aurora Speedway on 132nd & Aurora, where SAM’s CLUB now resides.

Gerald remembers Green Lake Follies and the mini-Hydroplane races. He remembers Elvis’s visit to the World’s Fair, the Supersonics 79’ season, the Beatles at the Edgewater Inn, and so much more. And in many ways, so do we. Thanks to the Seattle Vintage Facebook group, long lost memories come to life again. Some that we experienced ourselves, so many years ago; and others that we’re experiencing for the first-time. Experiencing memories
for the first time? Yes. The feeling of nostalgia, taking part in a communal event from our shared city’s history. The feeling of almost being there. That’s what you’ll find on the Seattle Vintage page.

When Gerald Nielsen posted his first picture to his newly created Seattle Vintage page, he had no idea how successful the page would become. 4-years later, and the page is poised to break 100K members. His first photo, the Great Northern Train at Woodland Park Zoo, seemed to be a hit, so he posted a few more photos. The page was off and running, with more than a hundred members joining the first day, and a thousand by the end of the week. Since then, Gerald and his team of admins and moderators have given Seattle hundreds of vintage photo’s to enjoy. On the receiving end, Gerald has also felt blessed by the contributions from other group members. His favorite photo on the page? A 1950s picture of the Fish Bowl restaurant, standing on a pre-paved, Hwy99 dirt road.

A favorite photo, the Fish Bowl at 137th & Aurora, 1950s


Gerald’s advice for new members or those interested in starting their own FB group, “Keep politics off the page. Be kind and respectful to everyone. Stay active and involved with what’s being posted.”


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