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Body Break is the debut release from Sabre, the gospel-rap hybrid that brings together two of Seattle’s most well-known lyricists in order to deliver
2021’s hardest-hitting rap song, gospel or not. This muscle-flexing tour de force is made up of established rap aficionados, Soul the Interrogator and
Prawphit on Point. Together, the duo has over 20 years of experience rocking Seattle stages and building a rock-solid fan base.

The video for Body Break was shot by fan-favorite
Taylor Martin, one of Seattle’s hottest videographers,
who has been making a mark in the video production
industry for the past few years. Taylor, a musician
himself, and part of the Sacred Music Tribe, knows
what fans are looking for and delivers.

Soul the Interrogator

At 11 years old, Timothy Sean Danaher, aka Soul, wrote his first rap over the instrumental of Run DMC’s song, Sucka MC’s. At 17 he had a full notebook of original raps. That year he connected with Seattle promoter, Lady Scribe, who introduced Soul to beat-maker Samuel Stephens.

Prawphit on Point

At 17 years old, Gerry Jermaine Borromeo started freestyling at house parties; although his first raps were far from hymns and psalms. Every night was a party, smoking, drinking, and looking for the next
thrill. Then, in 2005 he took the stage during an open mic event in China Town, rapping over a Mob Deep groove. When he exited the stage, he met Marquis personal life and his music career took a sharp turn.

Prawphit and Soul have fun with a nod to
Seattle rap icons Sir Mixalot and Kid Sensation

Once, Borromeo was known as Philly Blunt, but from his new relationship with Jesus, Prawphit on Point was born. New name, new life, new career.
The two artists met through a mutual friend and performer, Joshua Donnell. Soul recalls that his first impression of Prawphit was that he had mad-energy, and someone that he wanted to work with. Along with Donnell, the three started a group called JPS (Justified Prodigal Sons) and started performing together at venues around Seattle, in support of Weaponry, a 5 song EP. Shortly after, the group disbanded, but Soul and Prawphit stayed close, with Soul producing Prawphit’s solo projects, and the two attending Charisma Christian Center in Lynwood, Washington.

“…For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.” Hebrews 14:23

Body Break is about breaking bread with friends and communing with Jesus. The release will be the first of four, with the next song called Pack the Floor. Soul and Prawphit are proud of the new project, and what they feel is a new direction for their music; including bringing in Nickels Hawkeye to add an extra kick to the production.

The music is still a platform for sharing the love and life-changing power of Jesus; with the major difference being a willingness to share the dark parts of their past as to reveal the vast restorative powers of

Available on all Digital Streaming Platforms including Spotify, Itunes, and YouTube.


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