by DJ B-Mello

Marcus Tufono aka DJ Kutfather.

I met Kutfather from San Diego in the early 90s, on a promo run at KCMU Rap Attack, and immediately we became tight. He knew me from the mixtape game and mentioned a mutual DJ friend, Doo Wop. He relocated to Seattle and right away I had him on stage with me doing a Zumiez event at Rkcndy. Over the years we did so many legendary radio shows, club nights, & shows!

Kut was one of a kind. He had a vast knowledge of music from hip-hop, R&B, dancehall, etc. His positivity always lifted your spirit! One love, One Blood, Unity is what he preached constantly, but at the same time he was street and didn’t take no mess.

Kutfather always repped San Diego, but had no problem making his mark in Seattle during the mid 90s and into the 2000s, making connections with most of the Emerald City’s movers and shakers. I remember being in the bay & LA also, where we had lots of mutual hip-hop homies. People loved Kutfather!

He proudly displayed his Samoan heritage, and his love for his brothers Pryme Tyme and Rob Nice. All three of them were Djs, collectively known as L Brothers. I used to love when we did big events and Kutfather would come dressed to impress with a suit and matching hat. He would wear his hair down in long braids, extra pimpish. I think people in Seattle thought he might be in Boo Ya Tribe. Jk.

In addition to being a well-known DJ, he was a talented MC with a captivating voice. The host with the most, no doubt. He would kill me when he would introduce me as the “Grand Imperial Milky Like Cereal” DJ
B-Mello. He was comedic and could entertain a crowd for days!

I’m going to really miss my brother.

Rest Easy Kut! (Sunset – December 30, 2020)

YOU CAN HELP! A GoFundMe page has been created to help the family with the funeral expenses during thier time of need.

Please consider donating to the Memorial for
Marcus “KUTFATHER” Tufono

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