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I like Phil.


From the first moment I met him I have to say that I liked him. There is something about a 6’4 mountain of a man that is constantly watching out for his friends and family that makes him very attractive.

I think if you sat down with him for five minutes that you would like him too.


He is effortlessly funny and quick witted without trying to be. It’s a genuine, honest sense of humor that never embarrasses those around him; but leaves friends feeling encouraged.


Yes, I like Phil.


For the past decade Tavel has been a fixture in West Seattle’s arts community. From helping to organize and deliver the Morgan Junction Festival to hosting a wildly successful trivia night at Talarico’s Pizza, Phil has been a welcome part of West Seattle’s arts scene.


But did you know that he also created one of the nations most popular card games ever?


According to Wikipedia, Magi-Nation Duel, or simply Magi-Nation was the creation of Phil Tavel, along with Matt Holmberg, Greg Richardson Von Oy, and Josh Lytle.


The game was originally designed as a bridge between Pokémon and Magic: The Gathering, with the idea that younger players whose first game was Pokémon would eventually seek out a new game to play and that Magic: The Gathering might be too complex for some players, opening the door for Magi-Nation to fill the gap between the two massively popular card games.


Magi-Nation Cartoon Series

An instant success, Magi-Nation was eventually optioned as an animated cartoon series to Daewon Media and Cookie Jar Entertainment, with it’s first episode airing in Canada in 2007 and America the following year.


Now days, in addition to his active involvement in the arts festival and trivia nights, Tavel has established himself as a highly respected defense attorney, as well as a doting husband and father. When asked if he will ever return to his game-designing roots, Tavel informed us there is always a possiblitiy; and that he has a few ideas for Seattle-centric board games that he thinks we would enjoy.

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