The Cide Show host, RC The Trackaholic, sat down with vocalist Payge Turner for a Q&A about her NW connection and her rising star as a member of team Gwen on NBC’s hit show “the Voice”.

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RC: How are you doing tonight? We see you blazin’ a trail and doing your thing.

PAYGE: I’m pleasant. Just relaxing.

RC: Where do I start? Your range, and the way you execute. Have you been classically trained? You have a great mix of rawness and classic know-how.

PAYGE: I actual majored in music, studying jazz drums and vocal performance. Additionally, my vocal couch is operatically trained and graduated Juilliad School of Performing Arts.

RC: Speaking of teaching, I understand you teach as well?

PAYGE: Yes, I do teach classes in vocal performances. I also play guitar and bass at the School of Rock.

RC: Yes, I’ve seen one video where you were tearing the guitar up. I loved it. Any secret skills? Do you rap?

PAYGE: Lol! No, I wish I did. I do some spoken-word, but have not branched out into that genera.

RC: You should bust out with a rap, catch everyone off guard.

PAYGE: Yes, maybe. Something like an India Arie, or Lauren Hill groove. Maybe put some island vibes in there.

RC: Speaking of island vibes, do I understand you’re from Trinidad and Tobago?

PAYGE: Yes, From Trinidad and Tobago, and ended up in Kansas city, Missouri; where I lived for 10 years. I arrived there when I was 13 and left in 2018, at age 23.

RC: So you were in Kansas during your formative years?

PAYGE: Yes, it was an interesting journey. I originally played piano as a kid, but I hated it. I wanted to jump ahead, and it was very hard to read sheet music and pace myself. I started again after a few years, when a friend from church taught me how to read cords, and everything took off. I started playing drums in the band at my local Christian church and writing more songs at college.

PAYGE: That’s when I met Crystal Rhodes, who was a past contestant on the Voice. I worked with her as a backup vocalist of a few years, before branching off on my own. Once I left and began focusing on my own music. I always tell people, if you are a vocalist, your goal should never be to remain a backup singer.

RC: Okay, I see. What then?

PAYGE: I found my first drummer on Craigslist, and then a bassist. We performed our first show at Crossroads in Kansas City. My first show was something I put on myself, and thought that either it would work or it wouldn’t. Luckily it did, it blew up.

RC: That’s right, you have to go for it. You’ve got to start somewhere.

PAYGE: At that point I thought, I need to come out with a bang. I can’t have a soft opening.

RC: Tell me about your influences.

PAYGE: My influences have changed over the years. Early on it was Beyoncé; but as I matured and started understanding what my sound was, what my voice was, I started gravitating to artists like Lianne La Havas. When I perform solo, just vocals and guitar, I see a lot of similarities between us. But when I perform with a full band it’s completely different. I also like the band Hiatus Kaiyote, and classic artists like Sade, Billy Holiday, Nina Simone. It makes sense since my voice is gritty, and emotion driven.

RC: Somehow you made it to Seattle. How did that happen?

PAYGE: I felt as though I was outgrowing Kansa City. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. At first, I thought about going to Portland, Maine. But then I thought about finding somewhere warmer. I originally thought about Forks, Washington, but when I got off the plane in Seattle, I said “this is it!”

RC: Why not LA or New York?

PAYGE: I love the outdoors and nature. I am an avid backpacker. Also, the music scene is different. LA is all about connections, and you need to know people to get places fast. For me, Seattle I can stand out, but still be accessible. Seattle is my home now. Home, home.

RC: Tell us about The Voice.

PAYGE: I originally auditioned in 2018, but wasn’t ready. The opportunity arose again in 2019, and it happened.

RC: Tell me about your self-description of a “Bull in a Cage”.

PAYGE: Yes, it’s just that people don’t expect such a tiny person to be mighty. But I’m always full of fire. My mom calls me an Energizer Bunny. It’s like an alter-ego that comes out when I’m on stage.

PAYGE: Irie Love, who has won awards with Chaka Kahn, once told me, “when you remove the bondage that others put on you, you’ll step into your truth.” That was some of the best advice I’ve ever gotten. To this day she’s my go-to person, she’s my sister.

RC: Before we go, do you want to tell fans how to contact you? Instagrams, Twitters, and so on?

PAYGE: Definitely! I might be slow to answer because I have so much going on right now. But I appreciate all of the love and support I am receiving right now. You can reach me on Instagram at @PaygeTurnerMusic, and Twitter at Tuner_Page, and PaygeTurnerMusic on Facebook.

*Download the HHNS App to see the full video interview.

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