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If you’re under 30, you may have never heard of a Sears, Wards, or
JC Penny Christmas Catalog. But ask your dad about it, and watch his
face light up!

Long before Amazon or any of the other online shopping platforms
existed, kids had the joy of going to a brick-and-mortar store to pick out
their favorite toys. Some stores had entire floors dedicated to nothing
other than children’s dreams. Kids could spend hours just walking
up and down the aisles, mesmerized by the labyrinth of toy-encrusted
shelving, snaking its way through the building. This was a win-win for
parents and kids, as it allowed mom and dad to do the more serious
shopping in the clothing and appliance areas unhindered.

But as exciting as those trips to the stores were, they didn’t compare to
coming home from school to find the big Christmas Catalog sitting on
the dining room table. 500-pages of mouth-watering extravagances and
opulence. I flipped past the tools, appliances, and other non-essentials,
until I found exactly what I was looking for; Action Figures!

The 70s and 80s had the best toys! Adventure Team GI Joe with Eagle
Eyes and Kung-Fu Grip! Big Jim’s P.A.C.K, with Karate-Chop action!
Stretch Armstrong, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Micronauts, He-Man
and the Masters of the Universe, the Six-Million Dollar Man, Shogun
Warriors, and more!


My sister would also be allowed time with the catalog, but her visits with Strawberry Short-Cake, Cabbage Patch Kids and Barbie were not green-lit until I had completed my mission. I had a red ink-pen and choices to make!

My experience from previous years had taught me not to go overboard with circling items in the book. Too many choices could be confusing for my mom, and I might end up Christmas morning with toys I “kind of liked” in place of the items that I really wanted. Case in point, the traumatic incident
of receiving a Happy Day’s, Potsie action-figure where Iron Man should have been. Not a great look for the Avengers.

Wading through a treasure-trove of cool toys, I found what I was looking for, the Mego “World’s Greatest Superheroes” page! Superman, Batman & Robin, Spiderman, Thor, and others! Year after year, I waited with anticipation of new Mego choices!

Then it all ended. In 1978 Mego retired the 8” line, in order to focus on their 3” Micronauts line (a very cool toy set in their own right!) A few years later, Mego closed its doors. For decades, 70s kids like me have pined for our lost toys.


Then, in 2020, Mego returned! And along with it came a new line of 8” action figures, true to the old formula and as cool as I remember them. And not only did Mego bring back the old line up, but they’ve added new and contemporary characters, from movies, music, politics, and television.
Welcome back old friends! It’s time to start collecting again!

The 2021 Mego line-up include pop-icons such as the Impractical Jokers, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, and Marvel Comics Creator Stan Lee


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