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Seattle, Wa – Naked Giants is a rock trio from Seattle who since forming in 2015 have garnered great reviews and a strong fan following. Although local to us Seattleites, the band has a nationwide touring roster that will flip your lid; and actually breaks the border with a July show in Haarlem, Netherlands.

The Naked Giants website quotes drummer Henry VaVallee as saying, “Performing on a stage has been very purpose-giving. Being in a group of people all experiencing music together brings a strong sense of community, which excites me. Hopefully going forward we’ll be playing to more and more people. I want us to spread respect and fun rock & roll music to a whole lot of people. That just seems like a good deal all around.” LaVallee  is joined on the album and on stage by vocalist/guitarist Grant Mullen and vocalist/bassist Gianni Aiello. The new Naked Giants album “Sluff” was produced by legendary Seattle producer Steve Fisk and contains 12 tracks that I absolutely love. They’ve been described accurately as both timeless and modern, which I think is spot on. Something about them is quite “Beatlesque” in that their music has that special magic that connects generations, a secret ingredient that makes the music enjoyable for all ages from toddlers to seniors. When I first heard their title track (Sluff) it brought back fond memories of college days and my first discovering the band Weezer. And much like that old college band, Naked Giant’s music will have your head bouncing on your shoulders while you sing-along with easy to follow lyrics. Find out more by visiting:

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