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“Bro!! Are you booked this Saturday?”

One of many common texts between a group of DJ’s, when one or the other is double-booked or can’t-do a gig. For a DJ, staying busy and booked is justification for the occupation. “If a DJ shoots me a gig or refers me to somebody, it should be common practice to consider them first when you need someone to cover for you on the next one,” says DJ Peg, founder and
organizer of the Seattle based, 6 man DJ crew, Hella Fresh DJ’s.

Hella Fresh is a long-standing mixtape brand created by the 20-year turntable veteran. “We are just all friends actually, there is no real formula for getting into the crew. I just put together some DJ’s that I rock with and we cover for each other from time to time,” says DJ Peg. The guys in the crew elaborate on the topic in a Zoom interview titled “Legendary Convo” on the Cidewayz Music YouTube Channel. There is respect and appreciation among the gentleman and each other’s skill and unique attributes to the art and the culture, it can also be said that there is a trust that if one sends the other in his place to an engagement, the client would receive the same quality and professionalism that he himself would deliver.

This squad is an accomplished and experienced collection of Seatown DJ excellence. Legendary in each of their own right, here is an official introduction to the Northwest’s own Hella Fresh DJ’s.

DJ PEG@djpeg206


DJ Peg is more than just a DJ, he is a catalyst of Seattle’s hiphop scene and has hosted some of the biggest events at the hottest venues. His avid support of local Hip-Hop artists, including his placement of their music on his mixtapes, has earned him the respect of Seattle’s Hip-Hop community and he has evolved into a major presence in the local music scene.
Peg has been recognized in many ways for award-winning quality and an unwavering home town loyalty, FAM Northwest 2014 DJ Of The Year, Seattle Sound Music Award’s 2015 Mixtape Of The Year, Seattle Sound Music Awards 2019 DJ Of The Year.

Although it isn’t often when the entire crew gets together to make an event, it is an epic affair, to say the least. For example, the night the whole crew turned out to rock a pre-Covid packed to capacity house at the Kent, WA Central Ave Pub or the multiple FB Friday night takeovers when they spun in their own respective home labs, each DJ
playing a different vibe, from trap music to slow jams, live on Facebook for a freshly Coronavirus-sheltered-in-place online audience.

The best was the “Bounce Rock Skizzate” Skate Party. On a clear August 2020 day, the crew highjacked a basketball court at a Renton, WA public park and invited any and all restless roller skating junkies of all ages who had been suffering from cabin fever through a grueling initial 6 months of Covid-19 quarantining that Spring and most of Summer to come down and Roll-Bounce and vibe out while the Hella Fresh fellas switched off and played timed DJ sets. The basketball players bowed out gracefully that afternoon and understandingly looked on as they waited for the show to fi nish. A second All Skate shindig was scheduled, but it was unfortunately thwarted by a bad air-quality state of emergency due to the California fi res smoke cloud that came to visit and stayed as a sun-blocking canopy over the city for more than a week.

Nearly every weekend, you can catch each DJ spinning individually around town. Followers can look out for fliers and posts from the crew disclosing their current and next appearances. So shot out to Hella Fresh DJ’s, and all DJ’s holding it down, maintaining the vibe all day and all night on the web
and in our limited capacity gathering places in a time when the endless flow of music is most needed. Don’t you stop it, don’t you stop, don’t stop the music! –Peoples and Yarborough

RC the Trackaholiq @rccidewayz
Producing music in the Northwest for more than 30 years, RC is a career audio engineer, record producer, and podcast host, with 11 full album releases to his credit. The music production and recording resume boasts names like King Tee, Gangsta Nutt, Yuck Mouth, Marvelous, Mac Dre, Suga Free, Squeek Nutty Bug, Self Tightld, Taye Zooited to name a few. RC didn’t touch a turntable professionally until 2010 when prompted by DJ peg to play his next song on a bathroom break, but once he tried spinning, he was hooked. RC appeals to a West Coast and old school funk fanbase, with a concentration on blends, transition, and always experimenting on how two songs can come together to make something new, usually on the fl y. As the first recruit of Hella Fresh DJ’s, RC’s skill made him the go-to replacement for jobs that DJ Peg was unavailable to service. In 2017 RC received the SMAA Producer of The Year Award.

DJ FUNK DADDY@funkdaddyofficial Award-winning Seattle Battle DJ and gainfully accomplished music producer, funk Daddy’s portfolio sports credits such as Mac Dre, N2Deep, E40, BLegit, Sir Mixalot, Proof, Spice 1, and E40. Among his 3 gold 2 platinum RIAA plaques, this DJ has also secured: Best in Seattle 88-90, NW Music Awards Best Mix Tape /Club DJ 1999, SSMA 2019 Mix Master Best DJ Award Honoree.


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