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(Award Winning Writer/Director/Actor)

Multi-Talented Robert L. Butler

The opening scene from the Alliance immediately lets viewers know that they are in for 120 minutes of true-grit hard hitting attention-getting action, violence, and intrigue; drawing praise and comparisons to acclaimed directors Stanley Kubrick and John Singleton.

The movie, based on Robert L. Butlers award winning screenplay has just wrapped up production and is heading for film-festivals around the world with high-hopes of adding to Butlers already impressive cache of 38 award wins and 26 nominations garnered during his short 7 years as a film maker.

Roberts, a 20-year marine corps veteran moved to Seattle in2006 after retiring from service. Shortly after he began attending the film making program at Seattle Institute; fulfilling a lifelong dream of writing and acting in movies, a dream sparked at 11 years of age when he saw Bruce Lee’s Enter the Dragon at a drive-in theater with his family.

Now represented by Tiffany Talent Agency, Butler is a on the very short list of writer/directors that also perform in leading man roles in their films; a triple-threat along the lines of  Spike Lee, Mario Van Peebles, and of course the legendary Alfred Hitchcock.

Butler with a few of his 38 awards

For the Alliance Butler brought together 54 local actors, working with many of the main ensemble talent to customize each character, including Ben Leiataua ~ a Samoan-American actor whose resume includes a number of roles as Hispanic and African-American’s but has never had a chance to represent his true ethnicity and culture. For his role in the Alliance Butler specifically allowed Leiataua screen-time dialogue to be delivered in Samoan.

Although the Alliance will undoubtedly garner an R rating due to violence, profanity, and adult themes, Butler is not tied to one genre. His previous award winning production “We Need to Talk” is a situational drama drawing from real-life relationships. His next project “Real Love” is an early 1990’s period-piece focusing on a couple dealing with HIV amid America’s obsession with Magic Johnson’s revelation that he too had contracted the disease.

In addition to his own one-man production roster, Butler also co produced and acted in Sunbeam, a short film written and directed by Michael E Bell who in return co-starred with Butler in the Alliance.  Butler also has a role in The Deliverance of Amy Stronghold, a film by Seth Himes.

Butler’s vision for the next 5 years is to see the Alliance, We Need to Talk, and Real Love in regular rotation on television and streaming platforms and will be continuing to be a part of the film-festival circuit in hopes of landing a lucrative distribution deal. He will also continue to write new material and form new partnerships with other talent in the greater Seattle area.

If you are interested in contacting Robert L. Butler Jr., he can be found on Facebook, Instagram, or emailed directly at RLB-JR@Comcast.Net.

The Alliance screenplay is available at

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