Wake up Seattle, Kid Sensation is BACK TO BOOM!

Seattle fans have known rapper Kid Sensation aka Xola for years, and the release of his new album is welcomed like a phone call from an old friend.

Hearing his early releases on the radio, brings back memories of Seattle’s golden age; Seattle in the 90s, and all the things we took for granted. Ken Griffey homeruns, Norm Rice was Mayor, the excitement of the new transit tunnel, the Bite of Seattle, and about 1/3 of the population that Seattle has today. Less traffic. Good times.

We would hear the new Kid Sensation on KCMU Rap Attack with B-Mello, and run right down to Tower Records to pick up a copy on cassette.


Xola’s new release, “Feeling Myself,” is the perfect song for Seattle today. Embracing the Covid lock-down, Xola invited friends to participate in the making of the music video, and gave us a fun, distance-conscious presentation that will make you smile. The video was produced by Darrell Dominique @Know Your Worth Video, and features cameos by Xola’s old tour buddies, Sir Mixalot, Maharaji, E-Dawg, and more.

Xola, a graduate from West Seattle High School, still lives in the area. Although his celebrity status has allowed him to travel the world, he always ends up back home in the Northwest with friends and family. It’s here that Xola enjoys a comfortable balance of fame and privacy, where he has been active making music, acting, and modeling for over two decades. Staying active in the artistic genera keeps his name on the “free at the door” list of clubs, social gatherings, and special events; yet he’s still low-key enough that he can go grocery shopping or buy gas without being accosted by overzealous fans.

Xola got his start rapping on Sir Mixalot’s SWASS album, which gave us Posse on Broadway and other classics. Xola himself appears in the video for the song, large brick cellphone in hand, in the back of a limousine, surrounded by ladies. Xola, as Kid Sensation, went on to release Power of Rhyme, which featured Seattle powerhouse Ken Griffey, Jr. on the rap track “The way I swing.”

Life has been good to Kid Sensation, who has toured with the afore mentioned Sir Mixalot, as well as Eazy E, Ice Cube, and NWA. His song, “Westsyde,” is a throwback to those earlier times. As he would say, “better times,” and features Thrift Shop vocalist Wanz on the hook. “It’s a tribute to all west coast artist who built traditional hip hop. Khaki’s, Locs, and 64’s with a 2020 twist.” Says Xola.

With Covid-19 still an issue, plans for touring is up in the air. And Xola is tight lipped about any upcoming acting roles that he might be engaged in. There’s been a buzz for some time about a Mixalot Posse cartoon series, with graphics leaked to the public years ago, as well as a possible reality show placing all of the old gang together in one house to produce a new song. For now, we’re really feelin’ what Kid Sensation is doing.

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