ESCAPE ROOM: Can you Beat the Trap House?


I’ve been going stir crazy. Locked inside the house due to the Covid quarantine, locked inside the house avoiding summer smoke and ash, locked inside for fear of the marauding mob. Thankfully things are starting to get better, and it won’t be long before I can get out of the house and get into an Escape Room! (DUN! DUN! DUN! Irony abounds!)

On a serious note, we are delighted that several Escape Rooms have reopened in Seattle, allowing friends to get together for exciting, brain baffling exercises and physical challenges. In an escape-room, players work together to solve a sequential series of puzzles in order to free themselves before their time expires. Depending on where you go, you might find yourself in a game that requires physical skill in addition to your intellectual engagement; do your research before you book your appointment to be sure the experience is what you are looking for.

Escape Rooms are also evolving with the times, with players required to wear breathable masks and gloves. Some also offering virtual and mobile sessions for maximum distancing. One such room offering the virtual experience is Portal Virtual Reality in Ballard.

PVR has several escape rooms to experience. For multiplayer escape-rooms, a player is given his/her own booth at the same time as the rest of the team, who are located in booths of their own. Everyone is linked and able to communicate via voice-chat. Although the player never physically leaves the booth, players do “travel” inside the VR escape-room games by teleporting. First-timer and returning customers are provided a free VR tutorial prior to the start of the game.

In addition to single-player action, PVR has three different multiplayer escape-rooms, including Tales of Escape, which hosts up to 6-players. Additionally, Haunting Hours hosts up to 4, and Sam & Dan is an escape-room for 2-players/couples.

Get your friends together and let the professionals show you how to be trapped in style…

Hourglass Escapes in Downtown offers both in-person games video escape-rooms. Teams of up to 5 players try to survive the (officially licensed) Evil Dead 2™ escape-room! Players have 70 minutes to escape the cabin and save Ash. And safer than opening the Necronomicon, you can download the player pack, which includes costume suggestions and tips for your ghost hunting activities. Hourglass Escapes is most known for their licensed games, with film quality sets and props and mega-star voice actors adding to the immersion of their challenges. Other games include Rise of the Mad Pharaoh and Tales of the Ghostly Galleon.

And then of course there is Escapes Games, located in Georgetown, where you can experience Cell Block 12, Georgetown Morgue, the Bank Job, and Abducted. As we mentioned earlier, some games require more physical activity and some less; so we should mention that Abducted got great reviews from one of our staff for having just the right balance of physical and mental challenges.

We’ve all been trapped in the house too long. Get your friends together and let the professionals show you how to be trapped in style.

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