Seattle is finally producing something for the automobile fanatics that appreciate high powered, sleek styled, dream cars.

HERO is the latest installment from the DRIVEN MOTION family, number three in the series, joining previously released films titled Everyday Racer, and its follow-up, the Interview.

The production work on the new video is top notch and continues the tradition of industry-standard camera work, lighting, and audio. The storyline delivers on the promise of less is more, limiting the dialogue so that viewers can fully immerse themselves in the driving experience; sink into the plush leather seats, wrap your hands around the performance steering wheel, press your foot to the pedal and listen to the engine purr.


During a casual dinner meet-up in 2018, Drive Motion founders Andy Kim and Robin Har came up with the idea for a different approach to automotive storytelling; let the car do the talking. Kim, a photography buff and digital artist, and Har, a talented storyboard artist and videographer, decided to combine their love for short films and fine cars with automobile enthusiasts around the world.

The approach ~ Align this vision with the ability to tell a story that quickly and clearly gets to the core message, which is cars are more than transportation. Don’t get complicated, keep a linear storyline.

The formula has worked! With over 300K views on YouTube alone, and more across other platforms, the world is tuning in to see what is happening on the streets of Seattle, Everett, and Tacoma.

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Joining Kim and Har, is a dynamic team of professionals, including videographers Jake Catdma, Ian Beebe, Shawn Kim, Kyong Choi, and Joe Choi. Sound is handled by audio engineer Chris Young and gaffer Ian Beebe; and the stories are brought to life by actors Audry Yoou, Jake Tadema, Jack Morris, John Zuberek, Chloe’ Leilani, and Miji Kim.

According to Director Andy Kim, many of the actors from the first three films were friends and family of the producers; however, for the upcoming 4th film, Kim says they will be opening the doors to local actors with a series of in-person and online casting calls. Actors from the previous three films will return for the 4th installment with cameo appearances, allowing for storyline continuity. Kim says that in addition to the returning actors, viewers should look for other Easter-eggs that could provide a glimpse into future projects.


As the team begins the process of scripting the 4th installment of the series, the writers/directors Kim and Har will be looking for ways to tell a unique stand-alone story, while providing a few cameos and Easter-eggs that loosely connect it to the previous three films.

Once the script is complete, Robin Har will go to work drawing the storyboards for the directors to use as film guides.

Attached are storyboards from HERO, along with the actual camera shots that appear in the film final. Some of the shots are 100% true to the original illustrations, like the daughter on her cell phone in the top sample. However, other shots are sometimes used when the director thinks that a different angle or perspective might benefit the story. In the bottom sample, you can see how the side view of the car was changed to an overhead at time of filming.



We all love cars but never drive enough. A short film about a middle-aged father who just wants to drive.


Ride along with John, who is out on his luck and desperately needs to land a job. He has a very hard decision to make, but sometimes all it takes is a drive.

This beautifully shot BMW E30 Film is Well Worth Your 10 Minutes
-Kristen Lee,

  1. HERO

Sometimes a car is more than just a vehicle, it’s a bridge. Watch how a loving dad and his teenage daughter, Ellie, find out how a simple impromptu drive in a special car can fix her broken heart.

This short movie about a man, his daughter, and an R34 is perfection.”
-MT Blake,

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