“Judgement Day”

by Lora Proctor

Deserved Vengeance: Judgement Day, follows
Lorna Brown, a Domestic Violence Advocate who runs a shelter called the Freedom House. After the death of Lorna’s best-friend Donna, Lorna’s life begins to spiral completely out of control.

Michael Thompson, the man Lorna suspects is responsible for Donna’s death, turns up dead as do several other men over the course of a few weeks. Lorna has been named the prime suspect in all of the murders, based on the fact that all of the men have one thing in common; the women in these men’s lives had all gone to Lorna for help.

While struggling to deal with Donna’s death, Lorna finds herself ensnared in a roller coaster ride involving love, lust, and murder all the while trying to prove her innocence. Filled with twists, turns, steamy romantic encounters and raw conversations, Deserved Vengeance will keep you interested, entertained and on the edge of your seat!

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