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Lindsey Granath as
Goku Super Saiyan 2

March 14-17th Emerald City Comic
Con (ECCC) returns to Seattle, along
with tens of thousands of hero-hungry
fans of comic books, movies, cartoon
animation, and tabletop & digital
games. Last year Comic Con welcomed
95,000 guests and this year it’s
expected that fan attendance will be
over 100K.

Many of those guests will come
dressed as their favorite fantasy
hero or heroine, a practice known
as cosplay. There are a number of
cosplay groups in Seattle who come
together as a community to help each
other with things like costume design,
faux weapon production, and public
speaking and performing in character.
ECCC gives an opportunity to present
their hard work to the world, meet new
friends, find new inspirations, and just
have an all-around great time.


RLSH Skyman (Skyler Nichols)

Some would say that Seattle is the perfect
place for a superhero convention,
as it is a town that is known worldwide
for its real-life superheroes such
as Phoenix Jones and the Rain City
City Superhero Movement. Although
Phoenix Jones retired his cowl in 2016
to pursue a full-time career in mixedmartial arts; the Real Life Super Hero community (RLSH) still has a number of adventurers willing to stand against crime, corruption, and despair. Heroes such as Skyler Nichols (aka Skyman) and the Emerald City Heroes Organization (ECHO) are regularly seen patrolling areas of Downtown Seattle and Capitol Hill.

During his 9 years as a RLSH, Skyman has seen his fair share of crime
and violence, but he reminds us that a true hero doesn’t just fight crime but
also makes a difference by helping the less fortunate with things like homeless feeds, children’s hospital visits, and work with at-risk teens. Skyman says that “if you are interested in joining the RLSH movement, we need you. But please do your research first. RLSH isn’t about jumping roof-top to roof-top or scaling walls; it’s about sharing bottled water with the homeless, and instilling hope and possibilities in those around you.”

Strangely enough, many in the cosplay community have the same ideas about community involvement; Lindsey Granath (aka Wiggles the Great!) regularly visits the Veterans of America (VOA) to lift spirits, as well as help with fundraising and food drives.  She notes that other cosplay groups such as Seattle X-Force, Seattle Avengers, and the 501st Legion (Star Wars) all make regular visits to the Seattle Children’s Hospital and partner with other programs that work with children.

Lindsey herself brings a diverse cast of characters to her comic con portfolio, such as Goku Super Saiyan 2 from Dragon Ball Z, Gotham’s Fish Mooney, Zombies, and more! Her advice for those starting out is fi nd a friend to work with you.

Lindsey shared her story about a roommate who was a little hesitant at
first; so they partnered as Betty and Hana from Rat Queens. Lindsey took
lead with her friend shadowing and they both had a blast. “Learn to own
your character,” says Lindsey. “Remember that people already love the
character, just have fun with it!

As for the RLSH group, there may be members who visit Comic Con. Some
may be there on patrol, enjoying the day but ever cautious of what can happen when large groups come together

Others may be there in their secret identity, committed to participating in
the con as Joe-everyman, leaving the responsibility to keep the peace in the hands of Comic Con security.

One thing is for sure, whether you come in full costume as a cosplay
character, in body armor as a Real Life Superhero, or in a nerdtastic t-shirt & jeans, you will have a wonderful time at Seattle’s biggest event honoring
imagination, fantasy, and creativity

Find more about Wiggles the Great and Seattle Cosplay on Facebook, and
look for members of the cosplay community at the Emerald City Comic Con
March 14-17th, as well as the anime themed Sakura-Con which takes place
April 19-21st at the Washington State Convention center.

Find more about the RLSH, Skyman and the Emerald City Heroes Organization (ECHO) supergroup on Facebook as well.

*All photo’s courtesy of Kai Chinn/BHGM Photography.

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