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Hilarious! Highly Entertaining! Memorable! Exactly how I’d describe the
“Laugh Out Loud with Alex Thomas Comedy Show”. Hosted and organized by Black Royalty Presents and Platinum Entertainment at Picasso’s Catering in Tacoma, this was from beginning to end a laugh-out-loud
show. You may know the headliner Alex Thomas from the 90’s movie The
Players Club. Sharing the stage were comedians Tony Daniel and hometown favorite Ralph Porter who also delivered side-splitting observations and jokes.

However, the surprise star of the night was MC Boe Blast (Dominique Ervin) of Tacoma. Boe Blast kicked off the night with his riotous wit, clever stories, and ridiculously entertaining interaction with the audience, from which not even his own fiancé was safe from his humor. Boe was simply outstanding as he managed to keep the crowd rolling over in laughter throughout the entire show. In my opinion, he is on his way to stardom as one of the next big comics from the northwest

Not to be outdone by the superstar entertainers, DJ Morris Michael had
the music perfectly on point jumping from 90’s R&B to current day classics,
keeping the energy alive between comedic performances.

Original art by Adika Bell

Taking a break from the almost nonstop laughter and great music was a
very memorable moment of silence for late rapper Nipsy Hussle, including
a benefit raffle for local artist Adika Bell’s original painting of the recently
deceased rapper.


Aside from the lack of wait staff (it took a while to order), this completely sold-out event was well worth it and overall just plain funny. Promoters Deion Lister and Mike Brown came up with the right recipe for laughter with their chosen talent for the night.

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