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Vibrant readers know about our desire to bring back the Seattle Fun
Forest Amusement Park
, and our lament that our once beloved Seattle
Center has almost disappeared from existence. But we see light at the end of the tunnel with the recent announcement of Chelsea Riddick-Most as the new Director of Programs and Events at Seattle Center.

Chelsea attended Garfield High School in Seattle’s Central District
in the 1980s, a time when Seattle Center was the shining star of the Emerald City. It was a time when the Fun Forest welcomed thousands of visitors each weekend and even on weeknights. The carnival games, amusement rides, and Center House festivities made it an ideal destination for families and friends from around the city to meet. A top tourist destination, Seattle Center during Chelsea’s teen years was something out of a romantic novel; and such a prized destination that even Disney wanted to be a part of it.

Chelsea told SeattleCenter.Com, “I am most excited about returning home. Seattle Center holds dear memories for me, riding the Monorail, going to Seattle Center Armory, watching plays and PJ Patches. So, to be a
part of an iconic space like Seattle Center and give back to a community that has given so much to me is an honor and a thrill. I want to create memories for other families in the way those memories were created for me when I’ve had a chance to visit. Seattle Center has always evoked a sense of warmth for me as a local entertainment space. Now as an adult who has travelled around the country and lived in entertainment spaces, I see the Center as a national entertainment hub – in the arts, television streaming, and performances. Seattle Center should be number one on the list.”

VIBRANT Entertainment & Arts Magazine is bubbling with excitement at the news and is looking forward to Seattle Center’s return to greatness. Welcome home, Chelsea!

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