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24 year old rap artist Calvin “Fourty” Williams is coming off a much-talked about performance at the Coyote Central stage in Seattle’s Central District. As part of a 12 member arts collective known as the Fundamentals, Williams works with artists from a variety of mediums in order to grow his brand, push sales, and form new networking opportunities.

Early in his life Williams found that he had a natural ability to write poetry; and it was during one of his poetry readings that his cousin (Pastor Dro) remarked on Williams’s unique voice and suggested that he consider delivering his poems over a drum beat. Williams gave it a try and the feedback was tremendous, he was a natural.

Originally Williams went by the stage name Cal 4 Short, releasing a handful of songs and videos. However, friends on the street had already assigned him a nickname based on the abbreviation of his first name, Calvin (Cal for short). Early-on friends were calling him forty-Cal (short for forty-caliber), which over time was shortened to Fourty.

Williams spends most of his time at
Sage Studios with local musicians Tre Chill and King Qual, and has just released a 4-song EP “Matter of Time” and is currently at work on a video for his song Woke-Up and
Read the News, a bouncy chop &
screw style song that is sure to be
a crowd pleaser.

Williams says that his biggest challenge right now is finding consistency in performances and releasing his music to the public. His catalog of nearly 40 original songs will soon be available to the public, many of which will
need videos of their own. For Williams, finding the right balance between his 9-5 job and his music is crucial. A manager would help, but until he finds the right person to handle his business affairs Williams will continue to wear multiple hats. Having said that, if you are a talent agent/artist manager in Seattle please take notice.

When asked if he would consider working with other established artists in the Seattle area Williams stated that he is building his own team right now, but does recognize the talent of Seattle artists Dave B (Rain) and Dex Amora (Who I Be) and could envision a collaboration with either artist at a later

Williams is definitely a rising artist to keep an eye on. In addition to his music, Williams is also a accomplished painter and clothing designer with the awareness that all art forms can work together to help establish an artist and build a following. Williams has knows the formula for success and has all the tools to make it happen.

In closing out our interview Williams cites enlightenment philosopher David Hume, ““Be a philosopher; but, amidst all your philosophy, be still a man.”

Contact Cal “Fourty” Williams at
Find his music at SoundCloud,
Amazon, iTunes, Google Play,
and other music platforms.

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