The Manifesting Manifesto

Okay Butterflies, we’re about two months past that super nostalgic night of putting away the old and ushering in the new, new year new me type attitude…keeping hope alive in the middle of a worldwide pandemic.

… Aaaand, let me guess, not only have you had that deluxe ice cream for breakfast, or skipped that business brainstorm meeting, or whatever the case may be. Maybe you don’t even quite remember exactly what you said on New Year’s Eve when making your yearly declaration to have your best year yet. Well don’t worry you’re not alone. It’s stated roughly 50% of American adults make resolutions, but not even 10% keep them. The thing about goals is, the journey is as important as the destination. Having a few or many set-backs is perfectly ok, just keep your movement forward no matter the pace. There are ups and downs and moments of little hope that are equally valuable in experiencing as the sky highs and fun times because all of these prepare you for where you’re going. Here are a couple tips and tools to manifesting the life you want.

Know exactly what you want: Be crystal clear about what it is you want! Understand that a wavering mind doesn’t accomplish much, besides self-sabotage. To begin visualizing or communicating with the universe your desired goal, you have to be certain of what this goal is. If you want to go on vacation but can’t decide where you want to go, how do you plan which directions to take for your journey, or know what you need when you arrive? This is one of the more important steps to any journey if you want to be the one directing your life. Falling victim to the ever so mounting waves of life, opinions, and expectations can literally derail your entire life’s purpose if you yourself don’t know what you want.
Write it down: There are many ways people keep track of goals, steps taken, and steps to take. Some use vision boards to help visually remind themselves of their goals.

A Vision Board is a crafty way to “put it out there”, and state your intentions to the universe to begin the draw of Law of Attraction. Creating a vision board is easy and especially fun when done with a group of friends, helps to be accountable and get excited about your goals together. Simply use construction paper to apply clippings from magazines, drawings, stickers, and words representing your goals. It can be as simple or elaborate as you choose.

Journaling, however, has become my new favorite tool for manifesting. So much that I created one you can find on my website, www.cinnamonjovon.com, which I use daily. However, there are plenty of journaling books and techniques you can find just about anywhere. Writing it on paper, is also kind of like writing it on your brain, and in your very own “book of life”…well that’s how I think of it anyway. This also brings us to my third item on the manifestation manifesto…. Saying or reading it out loud.

Speak it! WORDS HAVE POWER! You create the “spell” over your life by spelling and speaking things into existence. Afterall, one of the very definitions of manifest/manifesto is an invoice of cargo for a vehicle, or list. Picture yourself as the vehicle with the list inside of you to bring forth in your life physically…… manifest your thoughts by spelling and speaking them every day.

Be about that action BOSS: Now that you have the overall big picture of what you want to accomplish, map it out. In other words, what are the necessary actions or steps to be taken to achieve this goal. Every destination, no matter what, has a route to get there. Figure it out, then again, write it down. Make a list to check off or whatever you want to do with it, just keep it as a guide to what you need to focus on next. Visit these steps every day.
These are just a few suggestions for creating your manifestation manifesto, but what is consistent with each is consistence. Make it a daily self-care practice to remind yourself of your goals and dreams while energizing your life to receive what you want through these practices. See it, write it, speak it, track it. Doing these things will soon have you very effortlessly making choices that push you more and more towards it. This also means, you may even decrease or eliminate energies that don’t fall in line with it or hinder it.

Overall, don’t give up no matter what. There is no actual failure in life, just teachable moments. Nobody has rubric for a perfect life, but what we have are a collective of experiences that add and reveal who we are during this human experience. Whatever you want to manifest into your physical life, just remember, the journey is as important as the destination. Live, laugh, love, and most importantly forgive yourself and continue forward, no matter your speed. Stay encouraged and inspired Butterflies.

DISCLAIMER: *Butterfly Chronicles provides general information personal opinions about health and related subjects. The content provided in this column and any linked materials is not intended and should not be construed as medical advice. Neither Cinnamon Jovon nor any staff at VIBRANT magazine are qualified as medical doctors. The opinions and views expressed in the Butterfly Chronicles and in VIBRANT magazine have no relation to those of any medical practice or institution. If you or any other person has a medical concern, you should consult a certified health care provider for professional medical treatment. Do not disregard professional medical advice because of something that have read in this magazine or in any linked materials.

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