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SKIN, BONE, and FAT LACES is an eye-witness account of the who-what-where that happened on the Northwest Hip Hop scene from 1982-1994. The historic Dance Clubs, iconic Breakdance Crews, seminal Graffiti Artists, legendary Dj’s, and platinum selling Rappers are all waiting inside.

Seattle’s very first Bboy? Sir Mixalot’s early job as an arcade vendor? The New York City Breakers defeat at the hands of Seattle’s High Performance crew? The stories are finally being told in the extremely detailed book about the golden age of Seattle hip hop by acclaimed Seattle artisan David Toledo.

“I crouched down and tried to make myself as small as possible.Through the leaves I could see the patrol car with its spotlight centered on my mural, framing my piece in such a way that it appeared to be breaking through the wall itself. Across the field a second cruiser crept slowly down the street. Its spotlight panning left and right across the grass. I put my hand over my mouth to mute my heavy breathing, and waited nervously for what would happen next.”

David Toledo’s writing embodies the genius of hip hop in all its chaotic beauty. The raw emotion of teen angst and first loves with the wisdom of an old soul. The hunger, passion, and wide-eyed optimism of youth tempered with a life-time of loss and disappointment. His first-person writings of Seattle’s hip hop history, iconic characters, and historic events take readers to a place of wonder and excitement as he jumps quickly from past to present and back again, from happening to happening, introducing multiple characters and conversations. Providing an emotional potpourri that perfectly fits the subject he is writing about. Hip Hop at its roots is contained-chaos; a whirlwind of emotion and art that somehow fit together like a hand in a fingerless glove.

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