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Author Michael G. Hickey’s “Tell Me What You Want” is the second installment of the Jasper Trueblood trilogy, and takes place nine-years after the events of Counterclockwise (reviewed in VIBRANT’S October 2020 issue!)

Nearly a decade after we last saw Jasper Trueblood, Troy, Connie, Bud, and King Rat; we find that Jasper has graduated from student to college English teacher, and is preparing to marry the love of his life, Daphne.

But is it true love, or true lust? Are Jasper’s doubts about real compatibility justified or is old Jasper’s penchant for self-sabotage making an appearance? And speaking of appearances, will the ghosts of Jasper’s past show up on his doorstep, so close to the big day?

Michael G. Hickey’s new novel delivers the same hard-hitting, bluntly honest characters that his previous novel, Counterclockwise did. Inviting you to sit shotgun on a roller coaster ride that will have you laughing out loud one moment and grimacing uncomfortably the next; as we hold on to hope that Jasper makes the right decisions when his future is at risk.

In my opinion, this book is the perfect companion piece to Counterclockwise, and although capable of standing as an individual story, when read on the heels of the previous novel, it makes for a very intriguing, honest, and inspiring look at the human condition and relationships in all forms and variances.

My appetite is wet for the final book of the trilogy! I can’t wait for Nothing Left to Lose, which will be released in 2021/2022.

Find Tell Me What You Want, along with Hickey’s previous releases on Amazon and other platforms.

  • Patrice Toston

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