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Traditionally, talent agents and talent managers serve different purposes; with agents spending their time seeking roles and sending headshots to casting directors. An agent’s goal is to get their clients to auditions, and then negotiate contracts if and when a client books work. And it is not unusual for an actor to have multiple agents if they are a hot commodity.

Managers, on the other hand, help with the day-to-day, acting as assistants in booking hotels, making sure clients make it to appointments on time, coordinating with agents, and hand-holding as needed.

Alexi Angelino, the founder and CEO of AKA Talent Management, brings a hybrid approach to serving her clients; acting as agent, manager, and promotional expert, focusing on a more personal approach to managing, marketing, developing, submitting and casting talent. Her company assists clients with headshots, demo reels, special photoshoots, interviews, write-ups, media campaigns, and more.

The talent, consisting of actors, models, and musicians, is provided an expansive reach into many industry-friendly, social media platforms, direct to producers, directors, casting firms, and agents. AKA’s vast resources include collaboration with professional make-up artists, photographers, videographers, writers, publishers, and more.

Many times, AKA artists are also cast in film projects that Alexi is producing herself. An established filmmaker, Alexi has received accolades for feature films including Beloved Beast, Friday the 13th Vengeance 2: Bloodlines, Cross Hollow, and 2022’s Dead River.

Here are a few of the artists on the AKA Talent roster:

Sanae Loutsis
Sanae Loutsis started acting and modeling when she was 4 years old. At age 6 she did her first film Next (2015). Since then she has been in print ads, commercials, music videos and an episode on Discovery ID – Evil in Law (2013). Sanae was cast as Isabella in the Feature Film The Black String (2018) starring Frankie Muniz. Sanae starred as Nina in the Horror Feature Film Beloved Beast (2018) Which Sanae won an award for her performance, Best Young Actress. Sanae also plays a lead role in The Parish (2019) where she plays alongside Bill Oberst Jr. (2020) Sanae was cast as Ashley Jarvis (lead) in the film Vengeance (2019) also starring Steve Dash and C.J. Graham was released in 2019. In 2021 Sanae was cast as Rose
(lead) in the Friday The 13 Film, Rose Blood that Premiered October 1st, and that same year she was cast to reprise her role as Ashley Jarvis (lead) in Vengeance 2 Bloodlines opening late 2021. Sanae also stars in Jason Hawkins fi lms The Last Slay Ride, Cross Hollow, in post and Ouija: A New Beginning, in pre-production. Recently, Sanae just wrapped her lead role in Jerry G. Angelos, Dead River, a Western Feature. In addition, Sanae will be starring in Kill Craft, a Mark Savage feature action thriller, filming in August.

Raymond Power
Actor, Writer, and Producer, Raymond Power is a Tacoma native whose father hails from Puerto Rico, and his mother was born on a naval base in Virginia. He is known for Give Me shelter (2020), Armed Betties (2020), and Steven Soderbergh’s latest film, KIMI (2021). Power was raised in a single-parent home filled with abuse, drug addiction, and violence. He joined a gang in his younger years as a way of escape, and even struggled with homelessness. Power then had his first child, and the experience changed his life. He was motivated to do better and enrolled in college where he
found a new outlook on life, with new passions to push him forward. He went on to win several awards for his outstanding achievements in higher education and spoke at colleges around the nation on changing your circumstance through hard work and dedication.

Power found a love for drama when he trained in theatre at Pierce College and is a graduate of The Film School; an intensive screenwriting program founded by actor Tom Skerritt, where he was mentored by WGA screenwriter Jonathan Keasey and famed story editor Christopher Lockhart. He began his acting career in community theatre before transitioning to film, where starred in more than 15 productions in his rookie year.

Ready to bring awareness and change through artistic pursuits, Power’s dedication is driven by the adversity he has faced in life. He believes if you never stop learning you can overcome anything through hard work and dedication, which is evident when you see him perform.

Larry Hawkins
Larry Hawkins is an actor, producer, director, screenwriter, FX artist, cinematographer and photographer living in the Seattle area. In 2006 he starred in his first film, ‘Living the Weekend’ by Future Past Productions as a homeless street musician and then in 2012 he played a pivotal and haunting supporting role as the father in the horror film, ‘Affliction’ by Familiar Features.

Over the past several years he has acted in hundreds of live performances with The Murder Mystery Company (American Immersion Theatre) as well as taking mugshot photos of customers at their public shows and he also has numerous fi lm credits to his name; both in front of as
well as behind the camera. You can see him in the upcoming fi lm ‘Staycation’ by Russ Emmanuel and ‘Park Dead The Awakening’ by Rogue Raven Productions. His company Infernus Noctuam Features co-produced ‘Park Dead’ with RRP as well as the tv series ‘Wizards Aren’t Real’ and ‘Althea’ (all coming soon to Amazon).

Angela Faro
Angela Faro is an award-winning actress, published model, director, producer, screenwriter, makeup artist, singer, songwriter, and published author living in the Pacific Northwest. She began her creative journey early in life, a born storyteller always eager to entertain, playing evil stepsister, Looda Grimm in “A Modern Cinderella” a stage play adapted and written by her 5thgrade teacher, Mr. McKay when she was just 11 years old. Since then she has performed in over 800 live performances, many with The Murder Mystery Company (American Immersion Theatre) and has many film credits to her name in a variety of departments, both on and off camera. You can see her in upcoming fi lms The Alliance 2: The Hunt for Breeze, by Robert L. Butler, Jr., and in Staycation by Russ Emmanuel. Angela enjoys modeling as a member of the Mizfi t Dolls as well as leading the modeling group she recently started, the Rogue Ravens and is also known by her modeling persona, Miss Bebe LeStrange. She is always hard at work as head of Rogue
Raven Productions and is currently working on the company’s fi rst feature fi lm Park Dead: The Awakening, coming soon!

Jessica Noel Thompson
From a featured Zombie kill on Z-nation, to leading roles as a mother, wife, police officer, therapist, and more; Jessica’s work spans independent projects to major productions in television and film. Her most memorable was playing 3 different lead characters in the
series Althea. Her lead role in The Harvest won her Best Actress(2021), and Assassinators: Retribution won Best Supporting Actress(2021) in the Indo French International film festival.

Jessica earned her degree in broadcast journalism at the University of Washington to be on-air personality and learn behind-scenes skills required for radio/television. She continues training with coaching sessions and courses covering dramatic, comedic, and commercial acting, advanced scene study, improv, monologues, and self-taping academy. Jessica has worked with some of the best in the business including Michael Madsen
and Anushka Shetty in Nishabdham (2020), and Dominic Monaghan and Will Patton in Radiofl ash (2019). Her most recent work includes leading roles in No Good Deed, and A Room by The Road, plus commercial lead roles for CTIA 5g-wireless broadband and Seeking Health Supplements. Jessica is a modern mother of three in a recent episode of “Some Assembly Required,” a popular comedic YouTube Series. Featured in eight publications as a model, Lady of the Lake ( is one of the most memorable. Jessica designed the famous dress herself and crafted it from a WWII parachute. As a ski instructor for many years, Jessica’s love of the slopes passed to her daughters, now all ski racers.
For several summers, she competed in water-skiing tournaments and triathlons. Her love of gardening and construction shines in the greenhouse she built to grow produce year-round. Jessica is an avid photographer, loves the outdoors, and has a great love for music as an accomplished vocalist. She looks forward to future award-winning films and is willing to take on any role in Ozark or The Handmaid’s Tale.

Kathryn Miranda Pope
Kathryn Pope’s most recent booking is a speaking role in Dead River, a Jerry G. Angelo feature western film. Also, Kathryn played Young June in “Sitting with It”; about a young woman who works through her anxiety as she prepares herself for an important day. There are other television and film projects that she can’t mention yet. Kathryn has also played in several community and school plays. Kathryn has been working with well-known acting coach John Jacobson for almost a year. Kathryn has extensive training including a class offered by casting director Jodi Rothfield and several classes from New York-based The Barrow Group. Finally, she took voice-over classes with Scott Burns and singing lessons at Harbor Voice. Kathryn has many abilities including hula hooping, singing, and horseback riding. In her spare time Kathryn is working on writing a novel called the Last Angel. She volunteers at the Discovery Shop (a thrift store for the American Cancer Society). Kathryn frequently travels with her family and will be visiting Europe for the first time this summer.

Amy Dilorenzo
AKA Talent featuring versatile Actor/Model Amy DiLorenzo has been igniting sets with her positive energy and unique skills since entering the entertainment scene. Among her recent projects, she is excited for the release of Friday the 13th: Vengeance 2-Bloodlines, filmed right here in the PNW, and two international fi lms, Werewolf Cabal and Demons at Dawn by Black Coppice Films, produced in the UK and Los Angeles. As
a model, she has recently been published in numerous multiple page pictorials in international magazines, including the cover of DeSir Coup De Foudre. Amy stars in the music video, Whiskey Woman and is the brand ambassador for Heart of the Blues Whiskey, branded by Roger and Michael Fisher, of the rock band Heart. She also enjoys staring in other music videos and can even be spotted in Guns and Roses, November
Rain video.

Currently, Amy is involved with the web series The Shape, a Michael Myers fan film from CCC Entertainment Group which has been recently released on YouTube. When not on set,  Amy recalibrates herself by gardening and tending to her mini-farm. She is always up for an adventure, rather it be exploring a new hiking trail, kayaking in the Puget Sound, climbing in the Cascades, or simply taking in the views of nature
while camping under the stars. Please check out her IMDB page and stay tuned!

Bryley Michael Bell
Bryley grew up in a household of actors, with both parents being active in Hollywood. But according to Bryley, he wasn’t always attracted to the cameras and the lights, he was an athlete with a talent for baseball. “I believe in fate, and that we all have a path written out for us at birth. We have choices to make and things to decide of course, but I truly believe we are meant for something from the very start of Life. Before we even know it. And as life progresses, it molds into our destiny.” He says.

Bryley is an actor and producer, known for Naughty (2017), Manifest (2018), A Visit in the Night (2018), Friday the 13th Vengeance 2:Bloodlines (2022), The Sawyer Massacre (2022), and 11:11 (2022).

Joy Curtis
Joy Curtis is an actress and writer, known for The Survivalist (1987), Bigfoot(2012), F13 Vengeance (2018), Silent Threads (2019), Masked Monologues (2020), The Oracle (2021), and much more. Joy has been in the entertainment industry and has been acting in theater and in film for over 37 years. Joy also was a ballerina dancer for many years on stage. Joy is one class act!

Carl Covington
Carl L. Covington Jr. is an actor and assistant director, known for Friday the13th Vengeance (2018), Retribution (2021), Runaway (2021), Armed Betties (2021), and Assassinators: Unbreakable (2022), and Rose Blood (2022). Carl works behind the camera as well as in front of it. He is a team player and is always willing to pitch in where needed.

Starr Marie Loutsis
Actress and model, Starr Marie Loutsis ventures into the writer’s realm with her first publication titled “The Purpose of Anger.” In The Purpose of Anger, she invites you along on her journey through processing anger, in hopes that you would choose to participate as well in fi nding healing and connection, rather than destruction when anger shows up in your life. The Purpose of Anger is available at

Other notable artists in the AKA Talent Management stable include G. Larry Butler, Jason Reynolds, Bill Read Jr., Tamar Glynn, Anthony Espina, and the legendary Richie Ramone.

Prospective talent can reach Alexi and AKA Talent Management at

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